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Some Testimonials

Opinion of some readers before publication.

Juliana Francisco:

"It did not surprise me! When my dear friend Randy told me about was writing a book. The Alaklandia book was a surprise! Since the beginning enchanted me with the details of the plot. The description of the characters thoroughly expressed in those pages. It's like feeling the character creation and seeing it perfectly in your eyes. The culture and time have been created. I do not know about other readers, but it surprised me since the beginning of the creation of the story. After reading a few pages I found the feeling of loss and sadness. It all crumbled to emerge the courage and the search for truth. Characters have evolved and caused me to be anxious. Every reading new discovery came, which arise struggles, losses and victories, revenge, achievements, apprenticeship, magic, creatures, suspense and adventure, and a beautiful romance to bewitch. Alaklandia has a lot to conquer. I am looking forward to the next saga!"

Branca Souza:

"Reading Alaklandia again and knowing that when it was written, this very serious crisis whereby we still live in. I guess in some passages of the book the author was being intuited about our future, because as the people of Firnia and Holaris. We need to be warriors to move forward with our lives and our survival. However, in the story, they struggle to exterminate " Phinta Pustre "in the body of the colony, here we also need to fight the" Phinta Pustre "meaning "disease of Evil "not contaminate us. The book says about perseverance, never-ending strength, and love. Reading holding us, makes us dive into the universe of Holaris and Firnia, and the search for Loris."

Fernanda Gonçalves:

"The world full of fights, the book tells about worlds never seen before, filled beings with their own themes, a lot of imagination and creativity. Back to reality afloat based and illustrated in a way never seen before. It is worth checking and dives headlong in this story that surely will expand its horizons."

Julio Nuñes:

"I really like the way the world of Alaklandia has been structured with such originality. The story has a very powerful beginning, and it just gets better as you go through it. I believe every book should deliver a meaningful message, and Alaklandia is not an exception. "

Lisa Marie:

"Alaklandia is a compelling story full of conflict, suspense, and betrayal. The characters are intriguing, and you never know what they will do next. The world this story is set in is populated with strange and unique races and creatures. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It is an excellent sequel to the previous book. The reader is thrust back into the world they left, only to find new experiences awaiting. Great characters from before return to the scene alongside new characters to enjoy. The conflict in the story is just as compelling as the previous story, with more twists and turns at the turn of each page."

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